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RF Elements Adaptor for Rocket AC PRISM

RF Elements Adaptor for Rocket AC PRISM


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What Is A TwistPort Adaptor
TwistPort Adaptors make most popular connectorized radios and MikroTik RouterBoards compatible with any TwistPort antennas. They are the key to the entire TwistPort ecosystem with all its benefits - low loss, high scalability, easy co-location, simple deployment, and easy maintenance.



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TwistPort Adaptor for the latest Rocket 5AC Prism is now available so you can connect it to any TwistPort antenna. The GPS antenna connector is located on the bottom of the Adaptor. The integration with the radio is smooth and effortless. TwistPort Adaptor for Rocket 5AC Prism covers an ultra-wideband spectrum from 5180 MHz to 6400 MHz!
Wideband Performance
Starting with version "V2", you can utilize all benefits of TwistPort eco-system and superb performance of TP antennas in wideband. TwistPort Adaptors V2 cover ultra-wideband spectrum: 5180-6400 MHz! 


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Easy Integration
Integration of the new Rocket 5AC Prism is revolutionary simple!


DataSheet (link)

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